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Afto Energy Ltd Products

Our company offers a wide range of products for solar PV systems for off-grid and on-grid system:

Solar PV Modules

A PV module consists of many PV cells wired in parallel to increase current and in series to produce a higher voltage. 36 cell modules are the industry standard.

Solar Batteries

As solar feed-in tariffs continue to drop to negligible levels, solar panels just don't make sense without a battery. Without a battery, you're paying for your electricity as soon as the sun disappears.

Solar Street Lights

Afto Energy Ltd solar street lighting is sustainable, green, and clean. Learn how it's helping city's cut energy bills without major disruption to infrastructure.

Solar Water Pumping and Irrigation Systems

Solar-powered irrigation systems (SPIS) are a clean technology option for irrigation, allowing the use solar energy for water pumping, replacing fossil fuels as energy source, and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from irrigated agriculture.

Hybrid and Backup Inverter

A Hybrid inverter is an intelligent inverter that enables the storage of excess solar energy in a battery system for self-use.

Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar water heating systems, or solar thermal systems, use energy from the sun to warm water for storage in a hot water cylinder or thermal store. Because the amount of available solar energy varies throughout the year, a solar water heating system won't provide 100% of the hot water required throughout the year.
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